Do you want skills that lead to a great career?

Are you between the ages of 16-24 years old?  Do you live in Stearns or Benton County?

How can the WIOA Young Adult Program help me?

Services are tailored to your unique needs and may include:

  • Assessment of your current skills and interests
  • Help in determining your career options
  • Support and assistance in getting a high school diploma or GED
  • Occupational skills training for a high-growth, high demand position
  • Access to earn-while-you-learn training opportunities
  • Assistance with job search components

How much will the program cost?

There are no fees to you.  The WIOA Young Adult Program is funded by federal funds through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

“I would recommend the WIOA Young Adult Program to others.  It is a great source of support to prepare you for the future and your success.  They care about you doing well!”

Sara O., WIOA Young Adult Program

“The most helpful services offered through the WIOA Young Adult Program for me were help in navigating my life/ schooling/ making changes to fit a work schedule and assistance with schooling.  I would absolutely recommend the WIOA Young Adult Program to others!  I have been able to make it so much further than I could have on my own.  The help provided by my career planner was everything I could have asked for!”

Hanna, WIOA Young Adult participant

“From the start of my journey with Career Solutions, I knew I would have good guidance.  I received financial support with school, work clothes and fuel to keep me going, but most importantly good guidance from my career planner.  What I found to be most helpful with the WIOA Young Adult Program is the guidance and support.  A steady consistent plan kept me on the right track to reach my goals.  I would recommend the WIOA Young Adult Program to others because there are a lot of people struggling and this program can help those in the lower class move up to the middle class.”

Omar S., WIOA Young Adult participant

“I was working at getting my GED and was lost and didn’t know what I wanted to do. Career Solutions WIOA Young Adult Program made me feel comfortable and helped my achieve my goals. I found the support from my career planner to be very helpful.  I matured while I was in the program, figured out what I want to do and am now employed.   I recommend the WIOA Adult Program to others as you get support and are made to feel comfortable with what you want to do.”

Autumn J., WIOA Young Adult participant
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Career Solutions staff will work with you to create a plan that will put you on the road to a good job.

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