Preparing Students for What’s Next

What is CareerQuest?

  • CareerQuest is a program, funded by the Minnesota Department of Vocational
    Rehabilitation Services, designed to help high school students prepare for life
    after graduation.
  • It’s a chance to explore career and training options, gain work skills, and learn how
    to be successful after high school.

Who can benefit from CareerQuest?

Students in grades 9–12 attending school in Stearns or Benton County, who have any type of
disability and want to prepare for a bright future.

What’s great about CareerQuest?

CareerQuest students will:

  • Discover and explore great job and training options beyond high school and map the
    steps to getting there.
  • Learn what qualities employers are looking for and how to be SUCCESSFUL in any job.
  • Discover what your rights are in the workplace and how to advocate for yourself at work
    and school.
  • Participate in a fun community service project in the local community.