Providing summer youth employable skills training opportunities

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What is CareerONE?

  • CareerONE is a unique summer youth employability skills training opportunity which provides youth ages 14 – 17 identified as at risk with a realistic and positive work readiness training experience in a safe, nurturing and learning-rich environment; and prevents participants from regressing academically during the summer months.
  • CareerONE has demonstrated success since 2000. Each year, Career Solutions seeks to improve on our model to continue to provide an elite opportunity for youth.
  • Because of the additional generous support from CentraCare Health and United Way of Central Minnesota, Career Solutions was able to provide services to additional youth and add a two-week camp in Sauk Centre.
  • Youth participate in a variety of classroom and community activities including Contextual Academic Enrichment, Career Exploration, Work Readiness Skills, Workplace Safety, Financial Literacy Program, Reflections and Journaling and Work Projects for Community Based Organizations and Agencies.
  • CareerONE also includes: earning a stipend, food (breakfast, lunch & snack), work shirts, free transportation from pre-selected rural Stearns & Benton County sites and there is no cost for this program.

You may qualify…

  • If you are 14-17 years of age
  • Living in St. Cloud, Paynesville, Sauk Centre or Stearns or Benton County surrounding areas
  • Able to demonstrate reading and math skills at 5th grade level or higher
  • Able to work safely in a team setting with minimal supervision





Success Story: KATERINA

“My name is Katerina. I joined CareerONE because I wanted to know more about jobs and finance. I wanted to earn the money because my mom is sick so she can’t work and she has five kids. I wanted to save her the trouble of buying me school clothes. I also am thinking of paying to take classes to get my permit so I don’t have to put my grandma out of the way to take me to school.”

“In school, I am involved in FAB (friends against bullies) as a leader. I am going into tenth grade. Through my experience at CareerONE this summer, I learned how to stay safe, work with others as coworkers and learned about careers and life after high school. Through CareerONE I learned I would be a good match for a veterinarian job and want to go to college for that.”

Katerina Success Story Picture

Success Story: ZACHARY

“My name is Zachary I heard about CareerONE from my history teacher. During the summer I help out on my mom’s boyfriend’s farm. I do it for free because I like it! CareerONE will help me get a good paying job in the future. I had a part time job at gas station, but I quit. I think if I had attended CareerONE before, I probably would have kept it. CareerONE helped me think about my future. I especially liked the finance part. It also helped me think about jobs that I like and how they fit me. I am happy I found CareerONE and that they gave me a chance. I hope other people try it and like it.”

Success Story: EMILY

My experience at CareerONE was one of the best experiences I’ve had.  I learned employability skills, the importance of attendance and participation, teamwork and communication skills.  The one topic that I was very interested in was Money Smart.  Money Smart taught me the differences between a debit card and a credit card and how finances and loans will help you a lot with college.  Integrity was also something I learned at CareerONE amd I learned about being on time, following a dress code and rules.  I’m glad they gave me an opportunity to join CareerONE as it is an eye-opener because it made me rethink everything about my options.  As for the money I earned, I will use it to pay for my permit, school clothes and supplies.

Success Story: KYMEL

I’ve learned so much from CareerONE.  I’ve learned things that aren’t just preparing me for the workplace, but for my future and everyday life too. I’ve learned about Money Smart and many life skills that have taught me how to be a leader and step up in different situations.  I have learned a lot about integrity, respect, and leadership through team building exercises at the YMCA.  I recommend CareerONE to anyone who wants to earn money, who wants to learn and be a part of something bigger than themselves and to someone who wants to work experience.

Success Story: TAKIRA

As a result of CareerONE, I learned information about healthcare careers, including specialization in specific health care fields.  It was a great experience for me.  Because of CareerONE, I now know what I want to be when I grow up. I’m now certified in AED, CPR, and First Aid.  It has opened a lot of doors to me about college and as to what classes I should take in high school that will then better benefit me when I go to college. In addition to CareerONE, I have a portfolio that contains a resume, letters of recommendation, master application and all of the certificates I’ve earned throughout the program.  CareerONE hasn’t only taught me about college or how to work in a workplace but it has bettered me as a person.

CareerONE Parents

“It is a very important program for youth, and it builds their career in order to build their bright future. This program encourages and prepares youth for job opportunities.”


“CareerONE is really a great experience for building special knowledge on how to efficiently be a better person.  Thank you.”


“CareerONE is great.  Any program that helps children prepare them for their future is a wonderful thing.  Thank you for giving my step-daughter this opportunity.”


“I was impressed with the quality of resources provided and also the level of accountability and integrity the youth were called to.  I truly believe that is what is needed to make the next generation better. Thank you for the reception, lunch, Centracare for all you do for the community, and Short Stop for feeding kids and all staff.”


“I am glad my daughters had this opportunity.  It has opened their minds to so many possibilities and given them confidence.  They have learned so many things.”


“What an amazing program/opportunity for youth.  So grateful for all the skills learned in a short amount of time.  Very valuable skills learned.  Thanks to everyone who contributed.  What a great experience for all.”


“Thank you Career Solutions, for preparing my son for his future and for showing him the different career fields and occupations available.”

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Or, call or email for more information:

Jeni Pederson, Outreach & Eligibility Specialist