Are you a Dislocated Worker?

Were you permanently separated from your job?

Are you eligible for or collecting unemployment benefits?

Good jobs with good pay are available in your area!

Career Solutions career planners can help you qualify for these jobs. Learn new-in demand skills at no cost to you.

Dislocated Worker

How can the Dislocated Worker Program help me?

Services are tailored to your unique needs and may include:

Career Counseling:

  • Career assessments
  • 3-day career exploration workshop

Job Search Assistance:

  • Resumes/ Interviewing
  • HR Connections


How much will the program cost?

There are no fees to you. Dislocated Worker programs are funded by state employer fees and federal funds through the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act.

You can fill out our form online by following the link below to begin the process.

WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Online Information Request

How do I get started?

The sooner the better! The earlier you begin, the easier your transition will be to your next job. Dislocated Worker Program staff will work with you to create a plan that will put you on the road to a good job.

“I was having problems…dead end job, after dead end job.  I found myself unemployed and at CareerForce and had noticed Career Solutions – Dislocated Worker Program.  I met with a career planner and completed career assessments to see what kind of work I would be suited for.  My career planner reviewed my assessment results with me and showed me labor market projections of job openings in each field.  I then selected the trucking field.  My career planner helped me get into a truck driving training program right away.  In six weeks, I had my CDL Class A driver’s license!  I was then able to land a job in the industry, nearly tripling my previous income.  I can’t say enough about how great the Dislocated Worker Program is!  I probably couldn’t have done it with them!”

Mike S., State DW Program participant

“At Career Solutions, I received training in resume writing, job searching, and interviewing.  I was also given fuel vouchers to help my family stay moving forward, as well as referrals to other help services to aid us during my unemployment.  I gained a lot of skills and experience that helped me navigate the re-employment process with confidence. At the beginning I needed a lot of help and reassuring.  My career planner’s quiet confidence that things would work out really helped me.  He’s great at what he does, and I am so thankful I got matched up with him. I am employed again at a position that I enjoy very much that pays almost 90% of what my previous job paid.  Absolutely, without hesitation I would recommend the Dislocated Worker Program to other workers who have lost their jobs.”

Brian S, WIOA DW Program participant
Luke Success Story

Before enrolling into Career Solution’s Dislocated Worker Program, Luke was a carpenter. He had surgery on his back, and then his position was eliminated due to company restructuring. Luke knew he needed to make a career change. He knew he would be able to succeed in the IT field but he needed some formal training/ education to gain a position. Luke thought maybe the DW program would be able to help him. Through the DW Program, Luke was able to take the NCRC exam and Compute‐A‐Match career assessment, receive career counseling and guidance along with assistance with school programs/ offerings and tuition funding for a program which he is passionate. Now that Luke has completed the program, he says he is “more focused on his family, future goals and plans.” Luke said he is “more driven in his new career path and is very passionate about his career choice.” Luke is now an Information Security Analyst at Netgain in St. Cloud. He said the most helpful services of the Dislocated Worker Program were the career exploration guidance from his career planner and tuition assistance. He said he would definitely recommend the Dislocated Worker Program to other workers who lose their jobs.

Anna Success Story

Before enrollment of Career Solution’s Dislocated Worker Program, Anna was a PRIDE Specialist with Independent Lifestyles, Inc.  She was separated from her position and was devastated as it was a job she enjoyed, believed in, and intended to stick with long‐term.  Anna enrolled in the Dislocated Worker Program.  Anna said the services that were most beneficial for her were 1:1 guidance on how to set up her resume and other job search related documents including cover letter, reference list, letters of recommendation and LinkedIn page, which helped her market herself to employers.  She said she was also guided in how to handle certain aspects of the interview process which she also found to be beneficial.  When asked how she has changed throughout and following the completion of the program, Anna said she feels “more confident about her resume and employment history as well as the end result of getting a higher paying job as a Mental Health Adult Case Manager with a great company the Central Minnesota Mental Health Center, with better benefits and opportunity for growth and advancement.”  When asked what she found most helpful with the DW Program, she said working 1:1 with her career planner.  She said she would definitely recommend the Dislocated Worker Program to other workers who lose their jobs.

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This program is supported by the US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (DOL/ETA) as part of an award totaling $253,524 with 0% financed with non-governmental sources.