Get real world Work Experience up to 28 hours per week!

Work Experience

What is a Work Experience?

Work Experience is a short-term, structured employment experience (up to 28 hours/ week) that takes place at a private, public, or nonprofit business.


The purpose of a Work Experience is to enable individuals between the ages of 18-24 with a limited work history or industry experience the opportunity to gain meaningful work skills that lead to gainful employment.

The Agreement

  • Career Solutions agrees to pay the wage, workers’ compensation, and FICA for an individual in a transitional job.
  • The employer agrees to provide a temporary job opportunity and supervision. Supervision includes communicating clear job expectations to the employee and providing performance feedback to the employee and to Career Solutions.

How does a Work Experience benefit the employer?

  • The employer has an extra worker whose wage, workers’ compensation, and FICA are paid by Career Solutions for the duration of the transitional job.
  • The employer has the opportunity to hire the employee when the transitional job is completed. There is no obligation to hire. Consider it a trial period and the Work Experience employer has the first opportunity to hire.
  • By helping to increase an individual’s work skills, the employer helps train and mentor the workforce. This ultimately results in employees who add value to the employer.
  • The employer is seen as a community partner.
  • The employer helps the economic stability of our community.
  • By providing a transitional job opportunity, the business helps ensure that the community has access to a qualified workforce that will enable our community to succeed and grow.