Transitional Job Opportunities (TJO) in your area!

Transitional Job Opportunities

What is a Transitional Job?

A transitional job is a short-term, structured work experience (20-29 hours/ week) that takes place at a private, public, or nonprofit business.


The purpose of a transitional job is to enable individuals with a limited work history or industry experience the opportunity to gain meaningful work skills that lead to gainful employment.

The Agreement

  • Career Solutions agrees to pay the wage, workers’ compensation, and FICA for an individual in a transitional job.
  • The employer agree to provide a temporary job opportunity and supervision. Supervision includes communicating clear job expectations to the employee and providing performance feedback to the employee and to Career Solutions.

How does a transitional job benefit you, the employer?

  • The employer has an extra worker whose wage, workers’ compensation, and FICA are paid by Career Solutions for the duration of the transitional job.
  • The employer has the opportunity to hire the employee when the transitional job is completed. There is no obligation to hire. Consider it a trial period and the TJO employer has the first opportunity to hire.
  • By helping to increase an individual’s work skills, the employer helps train and mentor the workforce. This ultimately results in employees who add value to the employer.
  • The employer is seen as a community partner.
  • The employer helps the economic stability of our community.
  • By providing a transitional job opportunity, the business helps ensure that the community has access to a qualified workforce that will enable our community to succeed and grow.

“We utilized Career Solutions – Transitional Job Opportunity program for the first time. We had some transition in staff over the past year and had the need for someone to help with our day-to-day data processing. Our campaign season is in the fall and is our busiest time of the year. We, with the help of Career Solutions found the perfect employee, Audrey. She has been so reliable and knowledgeable. By the third day she was performing the job on her own. She has taken on many other tasks as needed and does them all with a smile. She’s been a great addition and we’re so thankful for the opportunity to have her.”

Jessica H., Director of Workplace Campaigns, United Way

“Career Solutions – Transitional Job Opportunity Program was a benefit to our office. It was a seamless process and the support services provided helped with the onboarding. The participant acquired transferable job skills which will set him up for success and future opportunities. It was a wonderful experience and a win-win for our office and the participant.”

Your Content Goes Here, Office Manager, SCTCC

For more information about how you can host a transitional job, contact:

Angie Dahle, Business Development Specialist