On-the-Job Training…Training that Works

On the Job Training

What is an On-the-Job Training (OJT)?

  • A contract between Career Solutions and the business that documents the training they will provide for a new employee.
  • Hands-on training designed to address the gap between the new employee’s existing skills and the job skill requirements.
  • Training reimbursement funded through state and federal employment and training programs.

OJT Benefits Business and New Employees

  • New hires learn occupational skills and earn a wage at the same time.
  • Business saves time and money.
  • A win-win for business and job seekers!

Why Should Employers Partner with Career Solutions OJT Program?

  • The employer is reimbursed for the cost of training a new employee – up to 50% of the new employee’s wage for the length of the contract.
  • The employer does the training, employee does the learning, Career Solutions does the paperwork! Your new hire learns skills unique to your business and industry.
  • Incentive for hiring by helping to minimize new hire risk.
  • Career Solutions can refer candidates to the employer who have been evaluated for skills and interest match.
  • Reverse-referral –employers may also refer candidates to Career Solutions for OJT eligibility.
  • Career Solutions career planners are available for consultation.

OJT Guidelines

  • Business provides the training and supervision for the new employee.
  • OJT contracts can be written for permanent, full-time jobs – at least 30 hours a week (seasonal or temporary jobs do not qualify for OJT contracts).
  • Trainee must meet OJT eligibility requirements with Career Solutions.
  • OJT contract must be negotiated and signed by Career Solutions before the new employee starts the job for the OJT to be valid.
  • 2 day turnaround time is needed for Career Solutions to implement the contract.

How Do Job Seekers Qualify for OJT?

  • Candidates need to be eligible for one of our programs: i.e. Dislocated Worker, WIOA Adult or WIOA Young Adult. Typically, eligible OJT candidates are unemployed or underemployed.

“Career Solutions OJT program helped me get through the initial process of training a new hire where needed resources could be directed to getting our new employee up and running. The initial startup process and needed training can be very time consuming and expensive. The OJT helped offset these expenses and was definitely a beneficial service to our company.”

Brian L., Owner/ Programmer, New Frontier Services, Inc.

“Woodcraft was looking for hard working and dedicated workers and Career Solutions was able to provide 9 OJT candidates in helping us fill those roles.  They reached out to us and helped us set up interviews for the candidates and get them on board. Thank you Career Solutions!”

Mellissa S., HR Generalist, Woodcraft Industries, St. Cloud