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What is the Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWTP)?

The Incumbent Worker Training Program is designed to provide direct financial assistance to train current employees to avert a layoff and/or improve the economic competitiveness of local business.

The program provides reimbursement to eligible businesses for specific training costs accrued during the course of training. The purpose is to improve the skills of businesses’ workforce and to improve the company’s business process and competitiveness.

How does Incumbent Worker Training benefit you, the employer?

  • The program provides funds to offset a portion, via reimbursement, of the businesses’ costs to train and upgrade the skills of its incumbent workers.
  • Career Solutions provides follow up services with the business to ensure the training plan is being fulfilled.
  • The program will improve the company’s overall competitive edge and results in employee satisfaction and improved retention.

The Agreement

  • Career Solutions agrees to reimburse a portion of the costs associated with training incumbent workers.
  • Businesses must keep accurate records of the projects implementation process.
  • All training must be skill based and result in certification or accreditation for the employee; training should result in improved productivity, efficiency or increase the employees existing wages.

How to Get Started

Career Solutions staff assist businesses and training providers in the development and approval of IWTP applications, and provide on-going technical assistance regarding program compliance, performance objectives, customer satisfaction, etc., for contract recipients. Contact Career Solutions to begin the process.

thumbnail of Incumbent Worker Training Guidelines

Incumbent Worker Training Guidelines

thumbnail of Incumbent Worker Business Fillable Application

Incumbent Worker Business Fillable Application

“Participating in the Incumbent Worker Training program has allowed our employees to receive the needed training to expand their job skills beyond typical on the job training. This also aligns our employees to be more promotable, which is one of our company core values.”

Julia C., HR & Safety Manager at Louis Industries, Inc., Paynesville, MN

“We used Career Solutions Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) Program to provide additional welding and computer skills training to our workforce.  Not only are we able to offer additional skill sets to our customers thanks to the welding training, our team members are also more efficient on the computer.  Thanks to the IWT program; we were able to get assistance with the training costs so we could offer the training to more team members and earlier than we might have been able to had we not had the additional funding.” 

Angela M., HR Manager, St. Cloud Industrial Products, Inc., St. Cloud, MN

“As a small company, funding for training can be difficult to set aside, so the Incumbent Worker Training has provided us a way to train and grow our employees. It’s gratifying to watch employees grow, develop, and promote into new roles because of the training they have received.”

Lisa P., HR Generalist, Pinnacle Climate Technologies, Sauk Rapids, MN

 Thanks to the Incumbent Worker Training Program, we were able to upskill a group of our leads quickly, that would have been spread out or not done before!  The team at Career Solutions was so helpful and the process was much easier than expected.  We are working on our next grant as I write this!  It is a wonderful way to really maximize and expand your training dollars.”

Michelle S., HR/ Safety Manager, Simonson Lumber, St. Cloud, MN

“Career Solutions Incumbent Worker Training program has allowed us to provide trainings of a higher magnitude to our employees and leadership staff that improves the overall operation of our company. The team at Career Solutions is also great to work with!”

Jessie J, Human Resource Coordinator, Avon Plastics, Paynesville, MN

“The Career Solution Staff has been amazing to work with! Through the Incumbent Worker Training program, our team has been able to grow their skills to help more people effectively. Our team approached this funding with the idea that there are skills that we can build on to be more productive, as well there are new skills, we can acquire to make a long-term impact for ConnectAbility of MN and the clients that we serve. The Incumbent Worker Training program has given ConnectAbilty of MN the means to serve our community better and grow our talented team.”

Sheri W., Executive Director, ConnectAbility of MN

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