Informational Interviews
Description:  An informational interview is an informal conversation with a person interested in learning more about a company or career pathway. It is an opportunity to share information and give advice. It is an effective research tool and is often far more valuable than reading books, exploring the internet, or examining job descriptions. The objective of the participant is to gain career information, not immediate employment.

Time Commitment:  30-60 minutes.

Workplace Tours
Description:  Workplace tours provide an opportunity to visit a facility to learn about a business or industry, meet employees, and ask questions about the work observed. Tours are typically coordinated for small groups and often involve some research, on their end, prior to the tour.

Time Commitment:  30 minutes to 3 hours.

Job Shadowing
Description:  Job shadowing is a type of on-the-job training that gives an aspiring worker the chance to become more familiar with a career by observing an experienced employee. Job shadowing allows the participant to gain more comprehensive knowledge about the nuances of a particular career, as they are able to observe how the worker performs their duties, the key deliverables expected, and the other employees with whom the worker interacts.

Time Commitment:  2 hours to 1 day.

Internship or Diversified Occupations Program (Hands-On Experience)
Description:  Internship (paid or unpaid) is a structured work experience connected to a participant’s area of career training.  Often, internships include the award of school credit or certification. They may be counted as a separate course for credit or as a requirement of another course (as per the educational institution’s policy). The internship should involve specific skill development and learning goals with career-related learning standards (e.g. demonstrate appropriate workplace behaviors, apply decision-making and problem-solving techniques in workplace situations, and demonstrate effective teamwork).

Time Commitment:  Typically 1-4 months depending on a combination of school/employer/college requirements and local area policy.

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