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Collaborating to successfully recruit, hire, and retain employees


Why does the Immigrant Employment Connection Group exist?

  • A group of community leaders in the St. Cloud area came together when they saw a need in early 2015 to help the East African population find jobs. Based on a one-year estimate from the census bureau’s 2014 American Community Survey, the number of foreign-born residents in St. Cloud metro area is estimated at around 10,500 (Stearns and Benton counties).
  • IECG’s focus is to educate employers and assist them in overcoming barriers that are real or perceived when hiring the immigrant population. Members of the group are voluntarily working on this project to better the community by addressing workforce development issues which will improve the health and wellbeing of job seekers and their families.

IECG’s Goals

  • Educate employers to remove barriers to hiring the immigrant population including: language, accommodations, transportation, child care, limited education
  • Increase workplace diversity
  • Address workforce issues in the community, a continued effort to solve a problem
  • Create meaningful connections between employers and job seekers
  • Assist job seekers in obtaining employment

Additional Benefits to Employers

  • Share best practices
  • Learn about employer sessions & job fairs
  • Innovate
  • Collaborate
  • Learn new ideas that work
  • Validate ideas
  • Leadership training
  • Brainstorm

Visit our contact page and make sure to mention this program in your message.

Or, call or email for more information:

Tammy Biery, Leader and Facilitator of IECG