How do you handle HR issues in today’s workplace?

Network and share best practices and ideas

Best Practices


  • Innovate
  • Collaborate
  • Share Best Practices
  • New Ideas that Work
  • Validate Ideas
  • Leadership Training
  • Meet Your Peers
  • Learn New Skills
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Brainstorm

Join us for lively discussions on HR topics important to you.

  • Health Insurance
  • Worker’s Comp
  • Veterans Returning to Work
  • Employment Law
  • Employee Training
  • Compensation
  • Motivation/ Retention
  • Generational Trends

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Date: The first Wednesday of each month Time: 8:30 a.m.—10:00 a.m.

“I really enjoy and appreciate being part of Career Solutions HR Networking Group. The diverse amount of HR professionals and businesses brings something new and fresh to the table each time I participate. It is so beneficial to connect with experienced colleagues that really understand the dynamics of HR. Thank you to Angie Dahle for facilitating the group and always being open to help in any way.”

Tommi N., Senior Director of Human Resources, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota

“Being a part of Career Solutions HR Networking Group has been a great benefit to us from basic networking of common HR practices. We have also benefited from the presentations given by guests and job seeker highlights. We have been able to pursue 2 candidates from these job seeker highlights and hire one of them!  A win for both the seeker and the college!”

Kari M., HR Director, SCTCC

“As an HR Manager for a small company and department of 1, I find Career Solutions HR Networking Group extremely helpful to reach out anytime for advice on a topic or situation that arises. It is comforting to know that I can reach out and have conversations about policies and practices with companies in the area. I look forward to our monthly meetings.”


Ginelle H., HR Manager, Caloris/Seitz Stainless

“The HR Networking Group through Career Solutions has been a wonderful opportunity to discuss human resource issues with other business in the St. Cloud area. There is such a vast wealth of knowledge and experience with the group and the programs and training information available is invaluable.”

Connie K., VP/ Branch Manager, Kensington Bank

“Career Solutions HR Networking Group has been a valuable resource for getting connected to the local HR community as well as getting and giving advice on any HR questions and/ or challenges. I would recommend Career Solutions and this group to other local employers.”

Megan I., Business Development, Doherty Staffing

“I love Career Solutions – HR Networking Group, I look forward to it every month! It’s great to have a group of like- minded professionals to share ideas with. I would absolutely recommend Career Solutions to other local employers!”

Katie L., Human Resources, St. Cloud, MN

“Career Solutions HR Networking Group has been a great opportunity to problem solve real world real time issues we are facing in Human Resources with other HR professionals. I would recommend Career Solutions to other local employers.”

Michelle S., Human Resources, Simonson Lumber, St. Cloud, MN

“Being part of Career Solutions HR Networking Group is a great way to get support and feedback regarding HR situations. Great speakers about important topics.  Networking with other HR professionals in the area helps work through challenges we are facing, especially now with COVID.”

Lisa P., Human Resources, Granite-Tops

“Angie Dahle introduced me to the HR Networking Group while visiting our company and discussing Career Solutions Business Services.  I have worked in Human Resources on and off for over 25+ years.  At the time I met with Angie, I was re-entering the workforce after raising my children.  The HR Networking Group has given me the opportunity to learn what is new in the HR field with policies/procedures, laws and regulations and to have an opportunity to bounce ideas or get suggestions from other HR professionals in the area.  It has been extremely beneficial and I have enjoyed being part of group.”

Karla M., Human Resources, Freightliner of St. Cloud

“The monthly HR Networking Group meetings are casual and welcoming – there is a ton of value when peers can share best practices, challenges and success within Human Resources and our organizations.  Mark your calendar for the first Wednesday of each month and join us!”

Georgia M., Talent Acquisition Manager, ATS

“As an HR professional new to a leadership role, I joined Career Solutions HR Networking Group to meet fellow HR professionals in similar roles, explore best practices, as well as stay on top of industry changes.  I enjoy meeting with the group monthly and most of all, being able to compare notes with others to see what is and is not working for them.”

Lynn B., HR Manager

“I am very appreciative of the Human Resources Networking Group with Career Solutions. The collaboration and communication within the HR group goes above and beyond my expectations. These HR professionals share best practices and knowledge that helps all of us learn new skills to better our individual organizations.”

Robyn E., HR Trainer, St. Cloud Area YMCA

“Career Solutions HR Networking Group has been a great opportunity to connect and collaborate with HR professionals across various industries in the Central MN. It has been a wonderful resource for me as an HR professional, especially in a time where HR has had to juggle shifting priorities, a pandemic, labor market challenges/availability, increased pressures, etc. It has been a breath of fresh air to connect with this group to know that you are truly not alone – we are in it together.”

Brittany H., HR Manager, Central McGowan

“Career Solutions HR Networking Group has been beneficial to me as a newcomer to the HR field. The variety of topics covered in these meetings allow me to grow professionally and personally in my HR knowledge. The group has also been a wonderful opportunity to connect with area peers and build relationships with the HR community.”

Jessica G., HR Generalist, St. Cloud Industrial Products, Inc

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Angie Dahle, Business Services Manager