Guest Speaker
Description:  An opportunity to talk about your business, occupations within your industry, your own background, and tips for future success.

Time Commitment:  30-60 minutes.

Panel Member
Description:  Join other industry representatives for an interactive opportunity to connect with aspiring workers and community groups about opportunities within a variety of industries.

Time Commitment:  60-90 minutes

Guest Demonstration
Description:  Provide a brief description of the industry and/or occupation combined with a live demonstration of one or more job tasks.

Time Commitment:  30-60 minutes.

Guest Instructor
Description:  Use your professional knowledge, experience, and expertise to enhance the learning experience beyond what a standard textbook or classroom lecture can provide and make career information easier to grasp.

Time Commitment:  A few hours to a few days, depending on site and subject matter.

Mock Interview
Description:  You can help job seekers develop strong interviewing skills – for a job, scholarship or other opportunity – by serving as a mock/practice interviewer.  An interview can be intimidating but a little practice can go a long way in boosting a candidate’s confidence and improving their performance when it counts.  Here’s an opportunity to use your skills to prepare someone for their next (or first) big interview.

Time Commitment:  30 minutes to a few hours if conducting multiple interviews.

Special Projects
Description:  Research or service-learning projects. Partner on grant activities, participate in the development and implementation of sector strategies, or become active in workforce-related committees.

Time Commitment: Varies.

Description:  Sponsor financially or through in-kind through partnership programs at

Time Commitment: Varies.  Financial Commitment: Varies by event and need.

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