I. Position Title Effective February 1, 2023 Career Planner (Youth and/or Adult) 

II. Position Objective
This position recruits, counsels, trains, and places clients in vocational choices that lead to  employment. Career Planners assist in the advancement of skills, abilities, and interests of each client  in order to attain an independent and self-sufficient lifestyle. This position would be specifically  designed to work with adult Dislocated Workers. Contribute to a healthy, safe, and inclusive work  environment for all and support the agency equal opportunity and inclusion efforts. 

III. Essential Tasks and Responsibilities  

The following duties and responsibilities that have been identified as being essential to this position  include, but not limited to: 

  • Assesses preliminary information (e.g. client history, aptitudes, and interests & current labor market  data) in order to prepare for smooth, open vocational counseling sessions with clients.
  • Recognizes the need for further testing and provide access to that testing in order to lead clients to  better vocational decisions. 
  • Facilitates assessments of aptitudes and interests and interprets test results. 
  • Proficiently counsels eligible clients, in group and individual sessions, in order to develop  realistic vocational goals that place clients in the labor market as quickly as possible.
  • Maintains good working relationships with community resource agencies in order to facilitate  clients’ ability to reach their vocational goals in employment. 
  • Designs, develops, organizes, and presents activities such as workshops, classes, on-the job-training,  apprenticeships, and seminars in order to improve skill attainment and work performance.
  • Participates as a member of a self-directed work team in planning activities and in the delivery of  programs in order to insure comprehensive and integrated services to eligible clients.
  • Develops professional skills through continuing education workshops and networking with other  counseling professionals in order to remain current in practices, tools, materials, and data  necessary to provide vocational counseling, as well as recommend training and professional needs  of the team. 

IV. Desirable Knowledge and Skills 

The desired knowledge, skills, and abilities of this position include, but are not limited to:

  • Bilingual abilities preferred in either Somali or Spanish. At minimum, the ability to understand  and to make oneself understood to all Somali and/or Spanish speaking individuals. Prefer to be  bilingual and able to read, write and speak.  
  • Knowledge of principles, methods, and procedures related to career counseling and guidance.
  • Ability to apply knowledge of the labor market to the background and experiences of clients.
  • Ability to recruit new clients, using various techniques such as cold calling and developing  business relationships.
  • Ability to discuss sensitive issues and develop trusting relationships with clients. Knowledge of individual assessment and assessment tools. 
  • Ability to design, develop, organize, and administer training. 
  • Ability to work in a team as well as independently. 
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with clients and team members.
  • Knowledge of and skills in the use of computers and programs, especially Microsoft Office Suite. 

V. Minimum Qualifications 

Applicants must pass a criminal background check, be able to travel out of area independently (valid  driver’s license preferred), and have either:  

  • A bachelor’s degree in counseling, psychology, communications, or closely related field with two  years’ experience in vocational counseling, working with youth, coordinating successful  employment development plans, and/or in management.  
  • Enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program, with the ability to work 30-40  hours a week
  • 6+ years of progressive related experience beyond high school.  

VI. Work Environment 

Involves working in an indoor office setting, may include off site meetings/events, possibly outside of  regular business hours. This position requires a moderate to high degree of contact with the public,  vendors, and employees. Th employee will be expected to work with other employees to resolve  issues, answer and ask questions. the employee may on occasion be required to work extended hours  to complete a project. This position requires the employee to work as part of a team.  

Career Solutions is an equal opportunity employer and service provider. Career Solutions is committed  to creating an environment of inclusion where everyone is valued and has a sense of belonging. We  work to confront and eliminate the barriers racism has created, and it earn the trust of our community  to create a culture of accountability. We prioritize recruiting, hiring, training, compensation,  promotion, and retention practices that reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.  

VII. Salary 

Based upon qualifications. 

No applicant will be considered unless an official application is submitted. Applications can be  found here: https://careersolutionsjobs.org/careers/application/

VIII. How to Apply 

Applicants must submit required application, cover letter and resume. Please include salary  requirements in the cover letter. The submit-able application can be found on the website – www.careersolutionsjobs.org. Cover letter and resume can be emailed to Kari.Court@csjobs.org.  

IX. Deadline 

Position will be posted until 8:00am on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 or until filled. For further  information, please contact Kari Court at (320) 380-4938 or via email Kari.Court@csjobs.org

Career Solutions is an equal opportunity employer. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Career  Solutions will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both  prospective and current employees to discuss potential accommodations with the employer. If you need  assistance with filling out or obtaining the required application, or if you need the application in an alternative  format, please contact Career Solutions at (320) 308-5320. 

The CareerForce St. Cloud does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin,  sex, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, sexual orientation, disability, or age.